Financial & Insurance


Fee Payment

s-smile4.jpg Payment is expected on the day services are rendered. As forms of payment, we accept cash, check, and MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. For those that need financial arrangements on more complex treatment plans, we are happy to offer no-interest monthly payments through CareCredit which allows interest-free payments for up to six months. We also work with most non-PPO plans.


As a courtesy to our patients, we will gladly file your insurance claim for you. We will do all that we can to ensure that you receive your maximum benefits from your insurance plan, but your insurance contract is between you and your company. Deductibles, co-payments and any portion that our office determines not payable by your insurance company are due on the day services are rendered. You will be responsible for all charges incurred on your account which remain unpaid by your insurance company (for any reason) after 45 days. Due to the varied nature of insurance plans, please check with our business office manager for specific insurance information.

You may have noticed that sometimes your insurance company reimbursed you at a lower rate than the fee you were actually charged. Your insurance company may state that the dentist’s fee was above the UCR (“usual and customary/reasonable” fee). This statement implies that the fee was excessive or well above what other dentists in the area charge for a certain service. This statement is very misleading and inaccurate. Insurance companies may arbitrarily use a fee schedule from some other part of the country, or in fact, their fees may be from some time in the past. These fee schedules differ greatly among insurance companies, and the majority of insurance companies will not provide our office with their UCR fee schedule. Therefore, we can only estimate what you insurance company will pay for services. You as an employee do have the right to question your insurance company as to where their information came from and from what time period.