First Visit


As you arrive at Portwood Family Dentistry for you first visit, expect a dental experience like none that you have ever had before. Please bring your completed information and health history forms that are downloadable from this website. We will not be able to proceed with treatment without these forms. If you are unable to fill them out, please bring them, and one of our helpful staff will assist you.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to dentistry, and that begins with a thorough exam. Since we don’t know your dental history, we do not usually clean your teeth at your first visit. Special arrangements can be made if this is a major inconvenience.

You will have necessary X-rays taken to evaluate the areas that we cannot see, such as the bone support and the areas between your teeth. We will then thoroughly examine your teeth and old restorations; evaluate your occlusion, or bite; perform an oral cancer exam; and finally, we will examine your gum health and bone support. After our examination, we will discuss your treatment options and provide you with a personalized treatment plan.

Our trained business office staff will then assist you in arranging your scheduling needs and help you maximize your insurance. Please remember, that we are here to assist you in maximizing your dental health.