Formlabs 3D Printer

The Formlabs 3D+ Printer is an absolute game-changer in the field of dentistry. Transforming the way dental prosthetics and appliances are made, the printer's Stereolithography (SLA) technology is simply remarkable, allowing our office to produce exquisitely detailed dental models with exceptional precision. Whether it's crafting crowns, bridges, or even aligners, the Formlabs 3D+ Printer consistently delivers outstanding results, making it a true asset to anyone who visits our office. 

As a busy office, time is of the essence, and this printer streamlines the entire 3D printing process, from importing digital models, to generating physical prints. The wide range of dental-specific resin materials available for the printer ensures that we can tailor the properties of each appliance to meet the unique needs of any patient. From biocompatible resins for temporary restorations, to high-precision materials for surgical guides, the Formlabs 3D+ Printer allows us to provide top-notch dental care with enhanced accuracy and efficiency, ultimately leading to happier, healthier smiles for our patients.